Veiled Police
Why is the UAE one of the safest countries in the world? Why are so many people from different nationalities residing and raising their children in this country? 

One of the answers lies in it having one of the best police force in the world.

Citizens can work and make a life for themselves knowing that their present and future is secure. Just a phone call away, the police is always there to help, and do not be surprised if a lady shows up in a police uniform in response to your distress.

They risk their lives but rarely talk about it.

Abu Dhabi police women are saving lives, arresting criminals, investigating complicated cases, and to a great extent, they are the best shooters, the strongest sportswomen--- and at the same time they are nurturing mothers and sensitive partners.

A new film on these women is being produced by Icon Art Production, with director and author of idea Olga Sapozhnikova.